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Printing Robot Model

Staff Members

  • D. Sassarini - Principal Teacher of Design & Technology

  • A. Rafiq - Teacher of Design & Technology

  • L. Dunsmuir – Teacher of Design & Technology

  • S. Kyle – Teacher of Design & Technology & Digital Lead

  • D. Lawrence – Teacher of Design & Technology

  • R. Walker – Teacher of Design & Technology

  • D. Gurney - Temporary Teacher

  • I. Brown - Technician


Welcome to Design and Technology.

Here you will make things by doing things.

Come with us on this adventure, where we will reveal to you what you can do to make the things that make a difference in the world around us and enable you to be the best you can be.

Subjects delivered through Design and Technology are:

  • Daydream believers, Creativity SCQF Level 5/6

  • Design and Manufacture BGE, National 4/5 and Higher

  • Engineering Science BGE, National 4/5 and Higher

  • Graphic Communication BGE, National 4/5 and Higher

  • Practical Craft Skills National 3

  • Design and Technology National 3

  • Practical Electronics National 4/5

  • Practical Metalwork National 5

  • Practical Woodwork National 5

  • Young STEM leader award SCQF Level 5/6

Developing skills within the courses delivered by Design and Technology and succeeding at each level will prepare you to enjoy careers within the Creative, Construction, Design, Digital, Engineering, Marketing and Medical industries and professions.

S1 and S2 students will be introduced to lessons and units of work which are based around, design, engineering, construction and visual graphics. 

Subject content at S1 and S2: 

Graphic Communication

  • Orthographic Projection

  • Oblique Views

  • Isometric Views

  • Colour Theory

  • Sketching and Rendering

  • One Point Perspective Sketching

  • Two Point Perspective Sketching

  • 3D CAD Modelling

  • Desktop Publishing


Design and Manufacture

  • Acrylic Key Tag

  • Aluminium Coat Hook

  • Bird Feeder

  • Garden Trowel

  • Storage Box

  • Creative Heads


Application of Engineering

  • Microbits

  • Marine Engineering Challenge

  • Race for the line


Please take the time to explore each subject page to find out more for S3, National and Higher level courses.

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