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Personal Support was introduced in South Ayrshire after an extensive period of consultation with all stakeholders. In Belmont Academy the key role of the personal support teacher is to provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all pupils in their class first thing in the morning. This will give them a settled start to the day and will enable the teachers to identify any issues/concerns.

The need to establish routines, class identity and positive relationships between teacher and pupils and between pupils is vital for the success of this initiative. This is not simply registration….

Daily Actions

Encourage Good Attendance and Timekeeping

• First point of contact for pupil
• Personal Support teachers complete first registration and encourage good time keeping
• Assist the Principal Teachers of Guidance in encouraging pupils to bring in notes if absent

Uniform Checks

Through daily discussions Pupil Support teachers reinforce the standards to come to school organised and appropriately dressed.

Wellbeing – Responsibility of ALL

Through the various activities that we are introducing to Personal Support, we will be able to deliver the Experiences and Outcomes which lie in the Health and Wellbeing curriculum area within the organisers that are known as areas which are the responsibility of all teachers.

Theme of the Week – Monday and then referred to throughout week

Every Monday there will be a new theme of the week which the Personal Support teacher will launch with their class.

Theme of the week is one method of bringing a large school community together, where everyone has something in common and one thing each week that they can talk about. If done correctly it brings to life the vision and the values of the school. The theme of the week will always be based around the wellbeing of the school and can promote a greater sense of belonging, self-esteem etc.

Assemblies - House Group Assemblies fortnightly during Personal Support

Pupils on their assembly day should go straight to the Assembly Hall and Personal Support teachers meet them there and the register will be taken on paper. The purpose of the assembly is for the DHT of the Year Group to reinforce and model the school values, ethos and themes to ensure that everyone can feel part of their House/year group.

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