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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It covers a wide range of departments, subjects and topics across the school and beyond.

Teachers from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design & Technology, Computing, Maths and Geography are involved in teaching STEM subjects and leading STEM groups. However, STEM can be found in almost every area of life.

In Belmont Academy, we aim to provide you with valuable learning experiences and opportunities to explore your STEM interests in fun, challenging and engaging ways, thereby helping you develop your problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills.


There are two brand-new STEM initiatives beginning in August 2023:

  • The STEM Base, and

  • The Young STEM Leaders Programme.


The STEM Base is the place to find out about all the STEM stuff happening in Belmont Academy. It’s run by STEM Teachers and some S6 Young STEM Leaders.


Come along to the STEM Base and we can direct you to STEM events, clubs and competitions you are interested in.


Yet STEM Base is more than that!


  • It’s also a club in itself where you can do short STEM activities

  • Furthermore, it’s a workbase and Homework Club for pupils

  • Finally, STEM Base is a social hub, somewhere for pupils who are interested in STEM to hang out.


The STEM Base is in Mr McMahon’s Physics Lab on Wednesday lunchtimes.

Young STEM Leaders Programme (YSLP)

The Young STEM Leader Programme (YSLP) is a course designed to empower pupils to become Young STEM Leaders who can support, engage and inspire others in STEM in their schools and communities.


Currently, we are running the YSLP for S6 pupils through the Enhanced Curriculum, but we have plans to introduce other levels further down the school.


The course allows S6 pupils to gain the Level 6 formal qualification, which carries SCQF


YSLs are encouraged to form clubs, organise events and so on, but they can link in with existing in-school groups, such as Numeracy, Literacy, Eco-Schools Group, The Provost’s Footprint Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh and so on.

They can even get involved with extra-curricular groups like the Guides, Rangers, Scouts, BBs and more. The work they do can also be used to gain further awards such as the STEM Nation award and/or Crest Awards.


The YSLs will work (under observation) to plan, lead and evaluate STEM activities, events and interactions within the school and local community.


A list of possible STEM Leadership Activities could include, but not be limited to:


  • YSL peer mentors in STEM classrooms, assisting teachers

  • HW clubs for STEM subjects

  • Primary Transition STEM activities

  • Working with Numeracy/Digital/Health Sector/DoE/Eco-School groups within the school

  • Taking STEM roadshows to local primaries

  • Organising a STEM Careers fair

  • Running science/maths/coding/chess/lego/gardening etc clubs

  • Working with local sports clubs to bring coaches and sports scientists to speak to Belmont pupils

  • Filming STEM events and creating STEM content for the School Website & YouTube Channel

  • Running the @BelmontSTEM Twitter feed

  • Leading local environmental activities such as the Provost’s School Footprint Challenge, litter-picks etc.

  • Running STEM stalls at Parents’ Evenings


Ultimately, the YSLs are also free to come up with their own suggestions for activities.

To sign up for YSLP6, speak to Mr McMahon in the Physics Department.


STEM provides an excellent opportunity to enrich your school experience and foster a love of learning and curiosity in fun, challenging and interesting ways.

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