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School Captains 2023-24.jpeg

School Captains

From left to right:

  • Sophie (Vice Captain)

  • Ross (School Captain)

  • Caitlin (School Captain)

  • Neve (Vice Captain)

Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to Belmont Academy. We are your school and vice captains for the 2023/24 session.


Even after being at Belmont for over 5 years, we can still look back and clearly remember how daunting the transition from primary to secondary education can be. As you step into Belmont Academy, you are not just joining a school; you are becoming part of a supportive, nurturing and empowering community where our core values of respect, responsibility and ambition serve as guiding principles throughout every pupil’s time here.


Our school motto “Be kind, be positive, be yourself” reflects the welcoming and fulfilling learning environment of Belmont Academy, with the wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities in the school, from STEM to sports club allowing them to make the most of their time at Belmont. As captains, we are always looking for new ways to grow the Belmont Academy community and ensure every pupil gets the most out of their time with us. Our S6 Leadership Team understands the importance of a fun and welcoming learning environment and does everything possible to ensure students can reach their full potential.


From our pupil council to our endless number of fundraising events, we aim to make Belmont Academy a friendly, exciting and energetic place for all, and we look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Caitlin, Ross, Neve and Sophie

House Captains

  • Arran: Farah Al Tameemi, Charlotte Barclay

  • Bute: Oliver Kelly, Grace Tindall

  • Cumbrae: Nathan Matemba, Rebecca Anderson

  • Kintyre: Briadh Parker, Elise Crawford

  • Lomond: Katey Woods, Lucy Brown, Owen Kemp

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