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School Supply

Staff Members

  • J. Flanagan – LTA Lead


The Learning, Teaching and Assessment group is the largest improvement group in the school with members from almost all subjects. Meeting times to share practice and learn about new strategies that the group then share in their departments and trial in their lessons. Making Thinking Visible Thinking Routines and Co Operative learning strategies are used widely across the school and two members of the group lead Making Thinking Visible training sessions for the local authority as MTV Ambassadors.


Over the past few years the group has:


  • prepared monthly newsletters sharing practice on particular topics such as whole class feedback, growth mindset and retrieval practice

  • provided recommendations for the staff professional learning library

  • led twilight and in-service training for colleagues

  • participated in Learning Walks with focus on either BGE or Senior Phase classes where almost all staff were observed

  • created a Bee Ambitious lesson insert for all classes and designed posters which are displayed in all classrooms

  • participated in peer observations in pairs and trios as part of whole school lesson observations

  • helped co-construct The Belmont Way lesson structure

  • designed and redrafted The Belmont Way Lesson Feedback


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