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Staff Members

  • I. Phillips – Principal Teacher of PE

  • B. Murrie – Teacher of PE

  • N. Wilde – Teacher of PE

  • R. Duncan – Teacher of PE

  • C. Smith - Teacher of PE

  • J. Law - Probationer Teacher of PE


Core PE at Belmont Academy is one of the main drivers in ensuring that children and young people develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.  As has been demonstrated time and again, physical activity is not only essential for wellbeing, but is intrinsically linked to academic achievement.  The minimum weekly two periods of quality physical activity will contain a range of experiences and learning opportunities across multiple activities.  Through these opportunities, it is our intention to develop positive attitudes to physical activity beyond school hours which will be maintained life-long, promoting wellbeing for years to come. 

PE Options and Pathways

Please see presentation below for all information on our course options and pathways. 

PE Options and Pathways Event Presentation

S1-3 PE

In S1-3 Core PE, pupils will experience a range of learning experiences through a variety of different activities. Blocks typically last 6 weeks and will include the following activities:

  • Athletics                            Gymnastics                          Table Tennis

  • Badminton                        Handball                               Volleyball

  • Basketball                         Hockey

  • Fitness                               Rugby                       

  • Football                             Social Dance

Although physical fitness and skill development are key elements of the course, there is also a big focus on the development of mental, social and emotional factors.  In this way, we aim to develop performance in a range of activities, as well as the skills which will allow transition into the world of work.

In S3, pupils will also have the option to take the PE studies course which will prepare learners for entry into our certificated courses.  A typical week in this course will contain 2 practical periods and one theory period. We now offer Aesthetic PE Studies course in S3 which is dance, gymnastics, cheer and trampolining instead of the traditional net games and team sports.

S4 Courses

  • National 5 Physical Education

  • National 5 Aesthetic PE (dance, gymnastics, cheer and trampolining)

  • NPA Sport and Fitness: Team Sport Level 5

S5 Courses

  • Higher Physical Education

  • National 5 Physical Education

  • Level 5 Sport and Recreation

S6 Courses

  • Advanced Higher Physical Education

  • Higher Physical Education

  • National 5 Physical Education

  • Level 6 Sports Leader

  • Level 5 Sport and Recreation

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