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Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra

Two Belmont pupils were part of a group of senior players from the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra who travelled down to Westminster last week to perform at some very special occasions.


Firstly, they were invited to entertain MPs in the House of Commons on Tuesday 23rd January where they played at two different locations within the Palace of Westminster, one of the events at the invitation of The Speaker. Local MP Allan Dorans said how proud he was to have the young musicians from Ayrshire at these events. Leader of the SNP at Westminster, Stephen Flynn also made a special point of speaking to each of them.


The following evening, after spending a day with a tour round Parliament and sitting in on Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons, the group performed at 10 Downing Street for the Prime Minister’s Burns Reception when they played throughout the two-hour long reception.  The group entertained the audience with a huge amount of energy and talent and many, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Scotland Office Minister John Lamont and MP/MSP Douglas Ross made a point of speaking to the young players to thank them for their performance.


Thursday saw a lunchtime concert at the Scotland Office in Whitehall to celebrate Burns Day, which was not only very well attended but also streamed live through a number of government offices in Westminster.  

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