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Staff Members

  • J. Hunter - Principal Teacher of Computing

  • L. McCaffrey – Teacher of Computing

  • J. Murdoch – Teacher of Computing Science

  • N. Barlow – Teacher of Computing Science


Demand for digital skills in Scotland is highlighted by new research revealing that one in ten (13.22%) of all job vacancies is now in the tech sector. Only London and Northern Ireland have a digital jobs vacancy rate higher than Scotland.


In the Computing Science Course at Belmont Academy, learners will gain skills in the design and development of software including computer applications, mobile apps and web sites. Students will also develop an understanding of the latest emerging technologies including computing hardware devices, networking and web technologies.


The course brings together elements of technology and science and students will study units in the following areas:


  • ​Software Development and Games Design

  • Digital Technology and Networking

  • Mobile Phone App Development

  • Information System Design and Development

  • Internet Technologies and Web Design


As well as developing an understanding of the technology that underpins the digital world, students will also gain vital skills for learning, life and work including ICT skills and problem solving.

BGE Computing Science

BGE Computing Science includes the study of:

  • Cyber Security

  • Web Design and Development

  • Graphics and Animation

  • Software Development

  • Games Development

  • App Design

  • New Technologies

  • Computer Systems

National Qualifications

Computers are now an essential part of almost every aspect of our daily lives and they have become vital to the success of most businesses and organisations. 

This course will continue to develop the skills required to plan, design and create unique IT software solutions, multimedia websites and information systems. Learners will further develop their understanding of the technology behind the latest   computing devices and how they are used in society.


The course also aims to further develop skills for learning, life and work including analysing and problem solving, planning and organising, collaborating and interacting with others as well as developing sound ICT skills.

Computing and Information Science is offered at National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher and includes the following units:

  • Software Design and Development

  • Information System Design and Development OR Web Design and Development

  • Computer Systems


Progression beyond National 5 is available through the new Higher and Advanced Higher courses which can be taken in S5 and S6.

National Progression Awards

Games Development Level 5-6

For more information on the Games Development NPA please visit the SQA website on the following link:


Cyber Security Level 5-6


For more information on the Cyber Security NPA please visit the SQA website on the following link:

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