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Helping Tutor

Staff Members

  • D. Slider – Principal Teacher of Support for Learning

  • S. Montgomery – Teacher of Pupil Support

  • C. Hamrouni – Cluster Pupil Support Teacher

  • J. McGowan – Cluster Pupil Support Teacher

  • A. Mills - Cluster Pupil Support Teacher

  • R. Cooper – School Assistant

  • M. Flynn – School Assistant

  • E. Bufton – School Assistant

  • L. Alexander – School Assistant

  • C. Brady – School Assistant

  • A. Dar – School Assistant

  • S. Healy – School Assistant

  • Vacancy – School Assistant

  • Vacancy – School Assistant


The Support for Learning staff work across the school in all departments to support our pupils to achieve their best potential. The work of the staff team encompasses many different roles. There are FIVE main roles of Pupil Support Teachers. These being:

Pupil Support Intro.png

This list of examples is just a flavour of what we try to do, as a department, to support our learners across every age and stage. The scope of what we can offer is dependent on staffing and learner priorities throughout the year. Support plans are flexible, and agreed supports need to have a clear timeline and review date, in order to offer our services to a wide range of pupils.  

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