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Image by Kevin Bhagat

Staff Members

S. Kyle – Digital Lead


The Digital School Improvement Group aims to enhance the digital capabilities of the school by:


  • designing, implementing, and maintaining a new school website;

  • developing an app to complement the website;

  • improving school communication through social media channels; and

  • upskilling staff on digital tools for teaching and learning.


The new school website and app will provide an intuitive user interface and offer a seamless experience for pupils, parents, carers and staff. The website will include relevant information such as policies, calendars, and latest news, while the app will allow for easy access to school-related information and resources on the go. Both platforms will be designed with accessibility and inclusivity in mind, catering to different learning needs and preferences.


Social media channels will be utilised to enhance communication between the school and its community. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube will be used to showcase school events, student achievements, and important announcements. This will improve engagement with parents, carers, pupils and staff, promote the school's image, and create a positive online presence.


In addition to these initiatives, staff will be upskilled on digital tools such as Microsoft Teams and Forms to improve teaching and learning. This will allow for more interactive and engaging lessons, as well as efficient communication and collaboration between staff and students.


Overall, the Digital group’s initiatives will create a more technologically advanced and inclusive school, promoting engagement, communication, and learning.

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