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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Staff Members

  • J. O'Hara – Principal Teacher of Modern Languages

  • S. Boyd - Teacher of Modern Languages

  • O. Frachisse – Teacher of Modern Languages

  • T. Sturgeon - Probationer Teacher of Modern Languages


Learning a foreign language opens your world to so many opportunities. Being able to speak a foreign language is so much more than grammar and writing vocabulary. You develop confidence, improve your communication skills and make you more resilient when facing a challenge. The many transferable skills you learn will make you stand out from the crowd when you join the world of work after school – giving you endless career opportunities!

S1-3 Modern Languages

In S1-S3 you will gain a basic understanding of the French + Spanish language which will provide a solid start for when you continue into S4. We cover topics such as: holidays, sports, body parts and school.


You will also have opportunities to learn about the culture of these countries such as France and the holocaust, Spanish + French speaking countries and their traditions and festivals around the world.

Senior Phase

The N3/4/5 and higher courses have 4 units: culture, society, learning and employability.


Each course enhances your understanding of the language previously covered at BGE at a more in-depth level. All 4 skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – will be developed as you progress through each year.


At Higher/Advanced Higher, you also have the chance to develop translation skills.

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