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Math Class

Staff Members

  • L. McLean – Numeracy Lead


The Numeracy School Improvement Group aims to develop a consistent approach to numeracy across the school, raise the profile of numeracy in the wider school community, and raise attainment in numeracy at all levels.

Developing numeracy skills is a vital part of a young person’s learning as these skills are required across many subjects in the curriculum. Being confident with numeracy skills is also important for navigating day-to-day life, as so many of the important decisions we make as adults are based on numbers.

We are using pupil feedback to develop resources and plan activities which will help our young people to gain confidence in using their numeracy skills at school and at home. For example, weekly Numeracy challenges are helping to increase pupil’s awareness of how often they use these skills in everyday situations and we’re currently developing a Numeracy booklet to show learners how to tackle the common numeracy skills that they will encounter throughout their subjects. This will allow a consistent approach across the curriculum and highlight transferable skills across different subject areas.

It will hopefully be useful to parents and carers too, as they can see the methods that their children are taught in school and allow them to assist with homework etc. in a consistent way for our young people. Throughout the booklet, there will be QR codes which can be scanned to allow further practice of a particular skill in a subject-specific context.

Next session, we are looking forward to appointing S6 pupils as Numeracy ambassadors to help to promote and organise various events throughout the year. These include: homework clubs to support BGE pupils, targeted interventions for pupils requiring more support with their numeracy skills and numeracy workshops for S1 and S2 parents to encourage parental engagement and confidence with helping their children with homework.

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